Improve Your Cognizance with Lumosity

Humans are born with specific capabilities to perform various operations using their brain. But gradually, with time, these capabilities start to fade away and people start forgetting moments and incidents. For e.g. one can’t recall what one ate for yesterday’s breakfast or can’t remember whether he/she had actually turned the fan off before leaving home. This is a natural phenomenon, but can be deferred through exercise of the brain just like other parts of the human body.

Let’s delve into the matter as how the human brain thinks. A human brain responds to a situation or recalls certain incidents by making neural connections. The quicker and larger the neural connections are made better are the operations of the brain. This is achievable only through mental exercise.

A San Francisco based web organization, researching in cognitive abilities of people has come up with an effective solution in the form of an online program to help people think better. This program named Lumosity has been designed by some of the leading minds at Stanford University to help people recover from their senior moments. Lumosity is a combination of various mental puzzles that helps the user gradually regain his/her mental strengths. The user is monitored on all types and depending on the feedback the system receives; further puzzles are appropriately placed in front of the user. The process can be compared to the use of varied weights to be exercised with in the gym, gradually increasing with time.

Human brain is used everywhere, not only in the context of thinking, performing tasks but also in terms of concentration. People who have used Lumosity have reported back with better concentration during driving. Students who have used the program have also reported that it has helped them achieve 30% higher scores in their Math quizzes within 6 weeks.

Lumosity is initially available on free trial version for users to decide upon the fact themselves whether the program is good enough to be paid for. Some of the games on Lumosity are available for free, as well, for playing. So if one thinks that they are lacking their cognitive skills, Lumosity is the way to go!

Take Care of Your Teeth with Dental Plans

Teeth make up a major part of one’s body language and should be taken care of just like one’s face and skin. With the intake of junk food increasing by the day chances of getting your cavities damaged is increasing as well. So it important to get your teeth insured.

Although treatment of teeth is ignored and underrated by many, it can create a hole in one’s pocket if the treatment is a major one. People have this myth in their minds that dental procedures being seldom required should not be given much importance. But in reality it is often seen that the cost of a simple checkup and X-Ray is greater than the premium one has opted for.

Dental problems generally are cured better if treated early. Hence one should opt for a dental insurance, for as low as $7 per month to avail the services of free X-Rays and dental checkups twice a year. Even if your teeth are getting attacked by germs, chances are that they will be detected and the treatment can be applied at the soonest. The longer the teeth remain untreated higher the chances of the condition getting worse.

Dental Plans have been offering various insurance plans since 1999 customized to meet the needs of various people. They offer primarily two kinds of insurance in the form of Dental HMO and Dental PPO. In Dental HMO, one can opt for a restricted number of dentists as specified by the insurance policy. The advantage of having such a policy though, is that the premium payments will be on the lower side and a person will at least have one dentist in the range of 15 miles from the house of the person. In the case of Dental PPO, one can visit any doctor. But when the person visits a doctor outside the ones mentioned in the list, the amount that the policy will disburse is reduced.

For any major dental treatment one should asses the policies and select a dental plan in accordance with the procedure so as to reap the best benefits out of the policy.

Customized Hair Colors: At Your Doorstep

Human hair turns grey for many a reason and not only due to aging. So if your hair turns grey before you start feeling old, then it’s time to color it. In one way it provides you with an opportunity to stylize your hair to the color you think suits you best. To apply hair color, women can opt for either a salon or buy their own coloring pack to apply at home. While the first one is highly efficient, it is costly as well. The latter is easier to apply, but in turn it does not beget the same results.

The reason behind higher expenses being involved with a coloring at a salon is the personalized treatment that one receives. Unlike the same color pack you apply over and over again at home, in a salon the color is customized to give you the best possible feel with your hair. The color applied at a salon is better in the longer run as well. It stays on for a longer time and is also healthy for your hair. So what can one do to get salon like coloring at the comfort of your home?

With gradual advancement in this field, eSalon has come up with a breakthrough technology using which one can mix and match the colors of standard hair dye and create their own color. It is rich in Vitamins B5 and E along with Aloe Vera, which keeps the color longer on your hair. eSalon saves the profile once created such that one can reorder the same color with some alterations if necessary. The color covers up all your grey hair, giving you a salon like makeover at a nominal cost.

The cost of an application for a new color is about $20 which is moreover the same as the packaged products available in stores. eSalon is offering a new promotional offer to start with. One can receive their first color delivered at their doorstep only with the payment of just the shipping fee along with a complete analysis of one’s hair. Why go for a hair product or to the salon if you can get a blend of both with eSalon?

Protect Your Newborn: Preserve the Stem Cells

In the modern world, with a lot of research going into the cause and effects of various illness and diseases, there is no dearth of cures for the same. Hence it is necessary to stay prepared for these diseases from the day a new one is born. With the blessings of modern day science, the stem cells present in the umbilical cord connecting a child to the mother can be used as a method of cure for various diseases that might affect the child later. Thus rises the need to preserve these stem cells such that they can be used if necessary in future.

The first thing that comes to mind is how can one preserve these stem cells? The process is simple. Once the parents of the to-be born child decide upon preserving the stem cells, they need to sign up for the process in a particular cord blood bank. The bank then sends the retrieval instructions to the physician in charge of the child’s delivery. Once the child is born, the stem cells from the umbilical cord is stored and sent to the respective bank. The process is valid for both normal delivery and c-section delivery as well.

Stem cells are capable of fighting various diseases by transforming from one form to another. The stem cells being recovered at a nascent stage can transform into bone cells and blood cells as well. This in turn helps fight diseases like cardiovascular diseases, leukemia and from the after effects of a stroke. Gradually the numbers of diseases which can be cured using the stem cells are increasing. Hence parents would find it beneficial to save their child’s stem cells at birth.

Finally, choosing the right bank for your child is an important criterion. One needs to check the background of the bank before selecting it. Whether the stored samples of the bank have been retrieved and used is also an important criterion. It is better to keep the stem cells with a bank which has its own storage space instead of banks which keep the samples in other spaces. One can also select either a public bank where they can attain the sample from any other donor or with a family bank where the family members use the stem cells for cure.

Snoring in Sleep? Not a Problem Anymore

Snoring to many is a mere cause of annoyance and is considered a part of one’s sleeping habits. But if one looks closely into the matter, the truth revealed is quite different from the myth that people believe. Snoring is the first step towards a potentially risky illness named Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA).

OSA is caused by various factors that include a decrease in the muscle tone which is often caused by alcohol consumption. As a result of snoring habits, it is often seen in patients that they suffer from nerve lesions caused by exposure to vibration. During snoring the soft tissues present in the airway undergo vibration, which in turn causes local nerve lesions. Due to snoring the airway is often narrowed as a result of which breathing problems are faced in sleep. The path of oxygen is blocked and may cause the person to suffocate in sleep as well. OSA is more likely to occur at a higher age group than in youngsters.

OSA has its own adverse effects on the human body which may result in other major illnesses that include heart problems, high frequency of urination in the night during sleep, loss of memory and depression as well. OSA, when cured conventionally by the method of surgery, or by wearing various CPAP devices which coerces the person to breathe during sleep, costs the patient a fortune.

There is good news though for those who can’t afford such a costly treatment. A large amount of research has gone into the method of cure to finally produce something simple yet effective to treat OSA. A simple chin strap has been developed by the researchers which helps the patients breathe throughout the night and hence stay healthy. The chinstrap is available at an affordable price with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. This product being called ‘My Snoring Solution’ has been reported as effective worldwide in a recent survey. So to save your bucks and to get rid of snoring problems, as well, switch to a chin strap and sleep uninterrupted at night.

Why Using Shampoo is a Total Waste of Money

If you are constantly fighting a losing battle with your hair, you are not alone. In fact, this has created a multimillion dollar industry, the shampoo industry. Today, despite the many and different claims of shampoo companies, millions of people are still trying to find ways to make their hair manageable and beautiful. Compared with other scientific advances which show real results, it would seem that there is not much advancement when it comes to shampoo considering that many of us are still fighting a losing battle with our hair everyday. Logically, this shows that using shampoo is just a total waste of your money. Every time you use your shampoo, it is like pouring money down the drain.

What many do not realize is that there are ways to make one’s hair beautiful and manageable. These ways do not include using shampoo. Do not be surprised. There is a scientific explanation why using shampoo will only make your hair worse. Shampoos generally have sulfate. Now sulfate is a chemical substance that makes the hair seem cleaner but actually damages it. When used in hair, sulfate breaks the natural protection of the hair, the oil. By breaking up the oil which protects the hair, the hair now becomes brittle. Thus, for straight hair, using shampoo can make the hair lose its body. For curly hair, using shampoo can make the hair brittle. In both cases, the hair is damaged.

Instead of shampoo, you can find many alternative and natural substances, such as apple cider vinegar. You can also do a little bit of research to find alternative products to shampoo if you are not into creating your own. Once you start using these alternative shampoo remedies, you will see a big difference in your hair. You will see that your hair will have its natural color and body. More importantly, you will see the difference between having a healthy hair and one that is damaged by shampoo. You should of course remember that your hair is already damaged so you have to give it time to recover, about a week or two, before it returns to its natural beauty.

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