Cruise Liner Basics

Vacations help us relax and recharge. They take our minds off work for a while and allow us to enjoy our time. Taking a cruise is one vacation option that has strongly been gaining popularity these days. Operated by cruise lines, cruise liners have grown in number. Cruise ships – another name for the cruise liner – transport passengers from one port to another while providing them with a fun time on board. A ride on a cruise liner is typically considered as a pleasure voyage.

A journey on a cruise liner starts at the port of origin. The port of origin varies with each cruise liner as this can depend on the route to be taken by the ship.  For example, a cruise liner going to Hawaii may have Los Angeles as its port of origin while one that is going to the Bahamas will start its trip in Miami. Along the way, the cruise ship will stop or dock at different ports. This allows passengers to see or visit more than just one place.

The sizes of cruise liners differ vastly; some can carry only a few passengers while others can cater to thousands. But regardless of size, what is important are the various on-board amenities offered by the ship. This is because the liner’s amenities form part of the experience. Most cruise liners have indoor pools, restaurants, spas, fitness centers, and parlors. Some also have a theater, shops, clubs, lounges, miniature golf courses, basketball and tennis courts, and even casinos. In a way, they are like floating resorts that provide you with the facilities to enjoy and do almost everything you can think of.

Cruise liners are rated based on a system that gives you an idea of the overall quality of the service, the amenities and the ship. Ratings for cruise liners start with one star – the most unexceptional – and go all the way to six stars. A cruise liner with a rating of six stars signifies a topnotch ship.

If you are looking for a cruise liner to fit your budget and your needs, you can make an online search for websites that have partnered with several cruise lines. These sites can offer you discounted rates if you book in advance.

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