Customized Hair Colors: At Your Doorstep

Human hair turns grey for many a reason and not only due to aging. So if your hair turns grey before you start feeling old, then it’s time to color it. In one way it provides you with an opportunity to stylize your hair to the color you think suits you best. To apply hair color, women can opt for either a salon or buy their own coloring pack to apply at home. While the first one is highly efficient, it is costly as well. The latter is easier to apply, but in turn it does not beget the same results.

The reason behind higher expenses being involved with a coloring at a salon is the personalized treatment that one receives. Unlike the same color pack you apply over and over again at home, in a salon the color is customized to give you the best possible feel with your hair. The color applied at a salon is better in the longer run as well. It stays on for a longer time and is also healthy for your hair. So what can one do to get salon like coloring at the comfort of your home?

With gradual advancement in this field, eSalon has come up with a breakthrough technology using which one can mix and match the colors of standard hair dye and create their own color. It is rich in Vitamins B5 and E along with Aloe Vera, which keeps the color longer on your hair. eSalon saves the profile once created such that one can reorder the same color with some alterations if necessary. The color covers up all your grey hair, giving you a salon like makeover at a nominal cost.

The cost of an application for a new color is about $20 which is moreover the same as the packaged products available in stores. eSalon is offering a new promotional offer to start with. One can receive their first color delivered at their doorstep only with the payment of just the shipping fee along with a complete analysis of one’s hair. Why go for a hair product or to the salon if you can get a blend of both with eSalon?

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