How E-mail Marketing Helps to Grow Your Business?

E-mails are known to be a ubiquitous medium of online communication. There would hardly be any individual who is without an E-mail identity. They are easy to use and you don’t need to be an expert to draft an email. A good amount of money is being spent on this medium of online marketing these days. Reports estimate that in the United States the investment on email marketing would increase up to $2.468 billion in 2016 from the last year’s expenditure of about US$ 1.51 billion.

There is a constant threat to the organizations depending upon e-mail marketing from the social media. Integrating social media with e-mail marketing can bring in favorable results. A link to social media profiles can facilitate more business.

Why should one opt for e-mail marketing?

  • E-mail marketing is a tool that is cost effective.
  • It does not require any technical expertise as it is quite easy to use
  • This medium is comparatively affordable
  • Fastest medium of face to face interaction

Keys for effective e-mail marketing:

  • Personalize the content – not only in the body but in the subject line as well – tailored tone works best.
  • The content of the mail should be precise – never make it lengthy or elongate the content. 40 – 50 words (characters) are more than sufficient. Capitalization, italicization and excessive punctuations should be avoided.
  • The content should be very attractive with colors and bulleted points to make it appealing for the potential customers. Flashy backgrounds can be avoided as it tends to distract.
  • New subscribers/ potential clients/customers can be greeted with a welcome note.
  • Be regular – It takes time to build a company name, keep on blogging and be consistent.
  • Most importantly know your clients – be aware of their needs.

Before sending any marketing e-mail to promote your business ensure that you have the adequate permissions for sending it.

Two important points to note here: Make sure there is a forward link that will allow the receiver to send it across to any of his or her peers or potential clients, a link that reaches out to social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Go on, draft an email.

Good luck.

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