How to Effectively Manage Your Digital Music Collection

Music can work wonders to our life. With the Internet, access to the latest and greatest music is easy. Wherever you are, you can be accompanied by music. With the power of music, you can transform your life. You have the power to control your thoughts, because when you hear music, your thoughts are saturated in music.

It is not uncommon to see your iPod or personal digital music playing device loaded with thousands of songs. You are liberalized and unbiased towards music, because you listen to all kinds of music from all parts of the world.

Digital music players are many people’s lifetime companion. When music becomes an addiction, you need something to store and organize music for you. Given this fact, there are certain things you need to be cognizant about.

When storing and organizing huge numbers or playlists, you may duplicate hundreds of songs unknowingly. Some songs may be from unknown albums or may lack a cover art. Although the latter are not serious issues, you would ideally want to keep your music collection in your personal digital player without duplicates or unidentifiable music albums.

How TuneUp can help you

If you want to organize your music collections effectively, then use TuneUp – a Windows Media Player compatible plugin for iTunes. TuneUp is currently being used my millions of music lovers. This plugin service was created in 2007 by an ardent music junkie to solve his problems, which now is solving problems for millions of people.

How TuneUp works

To start using TuneUp, you use its CLEAN feature to fleece your tracks off irregularities. To achieve this, CLEAN matches the music data on your device with data in its Gracenote’s MusicID™ database.

Next comes the de-duplication part that is done by the DeDuper feature. After identifying all duplicates, you are presented with this list. You either wipe them out with a single click, or review them individually before deleting the duplicates.

TuneUp’s Cover Art identifies albums in your playlists without album covers. The feature offers you covers to choose from. You select a cover and provide identity to an album.

Another amazing concert feature of TuneUp alerts you of upcoming concerts, by determining the artistes you listen to from your playlists.

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