How To Slash More Than 80% of Your Cell Phone Bills

When the economy is upbeat, we spend more. When recession sets in, we plug the leak in our pockets. During tough economic times, it is imperative to manage money well.

Initially, you need to identify services that you are paying but un-utilizing. One such service is your cell phone service.

Cell phone companies market their services with freebies. When you get a free phone, you are also tied to contract plans that have plenty of hidden costs.

As per the J.D. Power Report, an average expenditure of a person’s cell phone calls is around $73. Now would you not cut it down to much lesser? Say $8 per month?

This is possible with a newer crop of companies and their services. A majority of people only want basic cell phone usage. Such people are benefited by cell phone companies that offer them low-priced and no-obligation plans.

The bigger companies are taking note of this, and altering their plans to suit the needs of a majority of cell phone users. They are offering flexible termination fees for cell phone users on contractual plans. Meaning, if you are on contract, the longer you stayed with the cell phone operator, the lesser termination charge you pay.

What to look for when choosing a low cost cellular service provider?

No contractual binding

A contractual binding deters you from switching to a new plan if you are dissatisfied with the existing one.

Simplicity and Affordability

Quality cellular service providers have basic plans starting from at least $10. If you want value added services such as Internet access and voice SMS for instance, the cellular service provider should be able to provide you these services at nominal prices.

Satisfactory customer service

Cellular operators extend their customer service to not just providing you services, but also letting you compare plans. You benefit from the proactive approach of such cellular service providers, in that you don’t waste time in doing research on the best plan to go for.

Free cell phones

If a cellular service provider is offering you a basic cell phone for free along with its calling plans, then you should take it. Even though the cell phone may not have advanced features, if you are thinking of only basic functionality, this should work fine.

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