Improve Your Cognizance with Lumosity

Humans are born with specific capabilities to perform various operations using their brain. But gradually, with time, these capabilities start to fade away and people start forgetting moments and incidents. For e.g. one can’t recall what one ate for yesterday’s breakfast or can’t remember whether he/she had actually turned the fan off before leaving home. This is a natural phenomenon, but can be deferred through exercise of the brain just like other parts of the human body.

Let’s delve into the matter as how the human brain thinks. A human brain responds to a situation or recalls certain incidents by making neural connections. The quicker and larger the neural connections are made better are the operations of the brain. This is achievable only through mental exercise.

A San Francisco based web organization, researching in cognitive abilities of people has come up with an effective solution in the form of an online program to help people think better. This program named Lumosity has been designed by some of the leading minds at Stanford University to help people recover from their senior moments. Lumosity is a combination of various mental puzzles that helps the user gradually regain his/her mental strengths. The user is monitored on all types and depending on the feedback the system receives; further puzzles are appropriately placed in front of the user. The process can be compared to the use of varied weights to be exercised with in the gym, gradually increasing with time.

Human brain is used everywhere, not only in the context of thinking, performing tasks but also in terms of concentration. People who have used Lumosity have reported back with better concentration during driving. Students who have used the program have also reported that it has helped them achieve 30% higher scores in their Math quizzes within 6 weeks.

Lumosity is initially available on free trial version for users to decide upon the fact themselves whether the program is good enough to be paid for. Some of the games on Lumosity are available for free, as well, for playing. So if one thinks that they are lacking their cognitive skills, Lumosity is the way to go!

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