Protect Your Newborn: Preserve the Stem Cells

In the modern world, with a lot of research going into the cause and effects of various illness and diseases, there is no dearth of cures for the same. Hence it is necessary to stay prepared for these diseases from the day a new one is born. With the blessings of modern day science, the stem cells present in the umbilical cord connecting a child to the mother can be used as a method of cure for various diseases that might affect the child later. Thus rises the need to preserve these stem cells such that they can be used if necessary in future.

The first thing that comes to mind is how can one preserve these stem cells? The process is simple. Once the parents of the to-be born child decide upon preserving the stem cells, they need to sign up for the process in a particular cord blood bank. The bank then sends the retrieval instructions to the physician in charge of the child’s delivery. Once the child is born, the stem cells from the umbilical cord is stored and sent to the respective bank. The process is valid for both normal delivery and c-section delivery as well.

Stem cells are capable of fighting various diseases by transforming from one form to another. The stem cells being recovered at a nascent stage can transform into bone cells and blood cells as well. This in turn helps fight diseases like cardiovascular diseases, leukemia and from the after effects of a stroke. Gradually the numbers of diseases which can be cured using the stem cells are increasing. Hence parents would find it beneficial to save their child’s stem cells at birth.

Finally, choosing the right bank for your child is an important criterion. One needs to check the background of the bank before selecting it. Whether the stored samples of the bank have been retrieved and used is also an important criterion. It is better to keep the stem cells with a bank which has its own storage space instead of banks which keep the samples in other spaces. One can also select either a public bank where they can attain the sample from any other donor or with a family bank where the family members use the stem cells for cure.

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