Visit Unspoiled Vistas with Cruises to Antarctica

One of the best places to visit to see nature at its finest is Antarctica, a continent that offers unparalleled vistas. Several cruise lines offer Antarctica cruises – voyages that imbue a sense of adventure and endless discovery. Taking a cruise to Antarctica brings you to a place that can leave you in awe: see whales, sea lions, and other wildlife in their natural habitat, set your eyes on majestic and tall glaciers, and visit unique ports of call. What’s more, you can take in all of nature’s beauty from the comfort of the cruise ship.

An Antarctica cruise liner will most probably set sail from a South American port. The usual ports of origin are Buenos Aires and Ushuaia in Argentina, and Port Stanley in Falkland Islands. As cruise travelers usually need to take long flights to get to the port of departure, it would be ideal to fly in a day or two before the scheduled cruise date. This will also allow one’s body to adjust to the time difference.

Along the way, the cruise liner may stop at different locations such as Deception Island, where you can view several colonies of penguins or take a warm bath on the beach; Half Moon Island, where whales can be seen along the shore while mountains with breath-taking views surround you; the Orkney Islands; and Elephant Island.

If you are planning to take an Antarctica cruise, you would need to consider the time when the cruise is being offered. Such cruises are usually made available during the middle of arctic summers, which runs from December to February. This is partly because temperature during arctic summers is the best condition for baby animals to come out and learn about their environment and life on the ice. Another reason is because the sun comes out for almost twenty hours during arctic summers, giving tourists more time to view nature at its finest.

As Antarctica cruise liners only have a short cruise season, trips are often met with a high booking demand. Because of this, it is essential to plan your trip in advance. To catch great deals, check out websites that partner with well known cruise lines. At times, these sites require that you register and become a member. But it is well worth the time taken to register as membership allows you to take part in exclusive deals that can save you a lot.

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