Web Hosting – An Overview

What is web hosting?

A web hosting is a type of internet business that allows individuals to host a personal web page or companies to host or store their website pages on a public server via World Wide Web. Anyone who wants to put their website online or store it on a public server has to go through a web host. It may also include email services and domain name registration.

Web hosting provider

Web hosting companies provide server space for individuals or companies who do not have their own web servers. Web host provides many facilities like internet connectivity, data center space and high speed web servers. High speed web servers allow the people to surf and download anything from your website. You can use your own PC as a web server but your hardware should be powerful and internet network should be of high-speed connection.

The most common practice is renting a server from the Internet Service Provider. Internet service provider provides internet services at very high speed and their web servers are powerful. Choosing the right web host is very critical, depending on the requirements of your web site. The web host you choose must meet all your requirements, such as the software that you will use in your website, the expected traffic, storage of and access to media files etc.

Domain name:

Choosing a good and meaningful domain name gives easy access to your website. The domain name should be short and easy to remember and must reflect the purpose of your website.

Types of hosting:

  • Free hosting: it is good only for personal websites and not for business. Free web hosting services come with limited services and/or unwanted advertisements.
  • Shared hosting: in shared web hosting your web site is hosted with many other web sites. It is shared with many other customers, so you don’t have to pay a big amount. It is cost effective.
  • Dedicated hosting: it is very powerful and gives you access to your own server. All resources and software are dedicated for your use. This is good for business web sites. But it is quite expensive.
  • Collocated hosting: this hosting allows you to place (locate) your own purchased server at a data center. It is similar to dedicated hosting, with the difference being that you own the computer instead of renting it.

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