Why Using Shampoo is a Total Waste of Money

If you are constantly fighting a losing battle with your hair, you are not alone. In fact, this has created a multimillion dollar industry, the shampoo industry. Today, despite the many and different claims of shampoo companies, millions of people are still trying to find ways to make their hair manageable and beautiful. Compared with other scientific advances which show real results, it would seem that there is not much advancement when it comes to shampoo considering that many of us are still fighting a losing battle with our hair everyday. Logically, this shows that using shampoo is just a total waste of your money. Every time you use your shampoo, it is like pouring money down the drain.

What many do not realize is that there are ways to make one’s hair beautiful and manageable. These ways do not include using shampoo. Do not be surprised. There is a scientific explanation why using shampoo will only make your hair worse. Shampoos generally have sulfate. Now sulfate is a chemical substance that makes the hair seem cleaner but actually damages it. When used in hair, sulfate breaks the natural protection of the hair, the oil. By breaking up the oil which protects the hair, the hair now becomes brittle. Thus, for straight hair, using shampoo can make the hair lose its body. For curly hair, using shampoo can make the hair brittle. In both cases, the hair is damaged.

Instead of shampoo, you can find many alternative and natural substances, such as apple cider vinegar. You can also do a little bit of research to find alternative products to shampoo if you are not into creating your own. Once you start using these alternative shampoo remedies, you will see a big difference in your hair. You will see that your hair will have its natural color and body. More importantly, you will see the difference between having a healthy hair and one that is damaged by shampoo. You should of course remember that your hair is already damaged so you have to give it time to recover, about a week or two, before it returns to its natural beauty.

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